3D Modeling

A Complex Building Model in Rhino with Visualization

RSBArchitect1 2D and 3D Drawing

About This Order

The model is built from scratch in Rhinoceros 3D using CAD files as reference. PDFs, JPGs or any other type of image format are also acceptable. Special attention is given to correct dimensioning and the creation of a well-organized, clean file. After optimization, the model can be exported as a .3DM, .3DS, .DWG, .OBJ, .SKP or .STP file, ready to be imported in the software of your choice.

If you opt for the premium package, the model is textured in Rhinoceros 3D using a state-of-the-art material library and rendered with V-Ray to create stunning, photorealistic images. A wide selection of setups (interior – exterior, daytime – nighttime) is available. We can ensure the delivery of high-quality models and images that keep up with the industry standards.

Bear in mind that this is NOT an architectural design order; thus, conceptualization / generation of ideas is NOT offered.

Please contact us first prior placing order.