Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions that is bothering you about our services.

We have selected some of the most commonly asked questions to give you a better insight into our service spectrum and better understanding about the capabilities of our team members.

If we have missed something, or if you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us. Your feedback helps us improve.

Please spend two minutes responding to a short design brief:

  • Please provide the following information and let's get started ASAP.

Requirement 1

1. Company/Your name
2. Site Address
3. Short company description
4. Colour preferences
5. Specific ideas/imagery in mind
6. Typography preferences
7. Sample you like (if any)

Requirement 2
1. Is the interior full color or Black and White?
2. Do you have any idea/rough sketch about your design? (Please Attach)

On receiving your query for our design services, we get in touch with you over the Skype, Phone or Email and discuss your project needs. We will learn about your objective behind hiring our services, where do you want to use the graphic and the timeline within which you want it to be finished. Based on all the criteria, we will offer you the services of a designer who has a thorough knowledge about your niche. The designer will then design an initial concept for you to check whether the design meets your specifications of style, creativity, professional and general direction of the design. Once you are satisfied, the designer will be handed over the project.

Vector files are editable files which can easily be resized to any size it needs to be WITHOUT loss of quality. So, if you want more than a piece of paper, you NEED this.

Ultra HQ graphics designed by ‘the best designers of BIGGEST creative agency of RSBArchitect. • VIP support. • Vector source files of your selected design. • UNLIMITED modifications for one design concept until you get satisfied.

The design process is the same for all packages because it is the foundation of a good and timeless design. It is the complexity of the project that will vary from package to package. Also, the files that you receive will be a key factor when you decide to buy a package from us.

If you want to upgrade your basic package to premium package after ordering, service extras will help. So don’t be confused when ordering and don’t pay twice for the same thing.

Unlimited revisions mean you will get unlimited changes to the original concept (colour changes, shape changes), not unlimited new design. So you will get unlimited revisions to a concept, not unlimited new concepts.

When your order is ready, you will receive an email from us that includes a link to download your works. Your works will be provided to you in 

  • 3DS
  • JPG
  • DWG
  • SKP
  • PDF

file format, unless you request otherwise. The File Format you will receive depends on the package you ordered

In extremely rare situations, we may not have the capacity to take on additional projects. While we do our best to close our system to new orders during these times, if your order is accepted during a “sold out” period, we will issue you a refund and offer to do your project at a later time at a reduced cost (typically half-price). We also reserve the right to refuse any project. We pride ourselves on our work and there are some projects that we cannot take. These include any material we deem to be hate speech or pornography, or that our graphics designer team deem unsuitable. In these cases, we will notify clients that we are unable to take their projects and issue them a refund.

For a typical standard package, you will receive your first concept within 48 hours. Basic package or projects that require custom services may take slightly longer. If you have a rush job, we are usually able to turn around design very quickly. This can be especially helpful if you are facing a crisis communications situation.

The rates are determined by the complexity of the project and the time and effort which our resources invest. Time spent in research, designing, editing and phone or Skype chat are some of the contributing factors in determining the rates. Through chats and conferences, we will take a brief from you about your work and what to incorporate in your work to produce design which exactly meets your specifications and needs.

Money Back Yes! We have a refund policy in the following situation: if you don’t like the first concept without asking for any additional new design or modification, we can proceed with a mutual cancellation and you will be refunded. Else, if you request changes to the concept, we can’t offer a refund.

Yes! We take your privacy very seriously and invite you to review Our Privacy Statement. Please note that all of our designer must sign strict before they begin working with us. To further protect the privacy of our clients, our website uses SSL technology.